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Broken Spring Repair

Torsion springs used to support the weight of the door while opening are always under very high stress and tension. This makes it very risky as it can easily cause accidents and damages when handle by a person with little or no technical knowledge and skills. At garage Murray Hill door repair we always advice you not to attempt handling the spring on your own as this may cause you injury. Trust our professional technicians to replace your broken spring because they have the relevant skills, experience and they have the paramount tools to sort out the problem without causing any damage or accident. The danger and risking of handling the turning spring is even more if your door is the overhead type. However it is easy to identify a broken spring because you will notice a gap or a crack in the spring coils. If you uncertain of such an issue contact us and we will send our skilled technicians to substitute the spring for you. The technicians have experience with all types of springs notwithstanding the door type. Just as they do with new motor installation, after replacing the spring the technicians ensure it is operational and modify it appropriately to attain the best balance for your door. You can call us at any time and we will respond in minutes.

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